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:: Passion. Devotion. Creativity. ::

Artists must create. It is a biological imperative. Instinctive, extrasensory, multimedia deliverance. For artists, creating is not simply a fun hobby or a favorite passive pastime. Creating is an essential aspect of how we interface with the world. We hunger, yearn, toil, and earn to create. Creative work is the root of all progress in the world. Through their work, artists create growth in their immediate and increasingly global environment. Pure Artistry was created with the purpose of supporting, inspiring, and promoting creativity. 

Mission and Values

Pure Artistry is focused on the creation and promotion of provocative and engaging artistic expressions which display merit, social and political consciousness, enhance awareness of important contemporary and historical concerns and issues, challenge the status quo, and disrupt with vivid, honest content.


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Visit our homepage and browse our collection of unique, vivid clothing designs based on original art, currently featuring the art and designs of Rodney Lee, Creator. Our styles are constantly changing, and there's always something for everyone! Proceeds from clothing sales help support the artist, collaborators, and Pure Artistry events.


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